Housing Loan

Home Housing Loan
We want to help you and your family:

  • Have a home of your own.
  • Help build a strong family.
  • Provide a safe place to raise children.
  • Increase the security for your family

We also can assist with:

  • Fund to expand an existing residence( make room for more family).
  • Improve an existing residence.

Our Gentle terms:

  • Interest rate are based on credit of the borrower.
  • Maximum loan amount is 70% of property value.
  • Minimum loan amount $30,000.00.
  • Maximum loan term of 15 years.
  • Other costs

– Payable by the borrower.

– Property valuation.

– Legal fee.

– Hypothec registration

– Loan approval fee

– Fire insurance (must be renewed annually)

 Note: Other terms and conditions must be applied.

How to start: 

  • Complete the application.
  • Gather all support documents.
  • Get confirmation of income and other assets.
  • Make an appointment to discuss the information with one of our marketing officers.

Hint: The more confirmation you supply, the faster we can provide an answer.