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We want to help you be successful

Growing business always need cash. Let us think of solutions for you!

We are looking for potential borrowers who have good credit and who need a helping hand:

Thought for you, the business owner:

  • New equipment can help you increase revenues, decrease costs, or both
  • Expanded property can provide growth opportunities
  • Efficient operations can make you more competitive
  • Additional product lines can improve your market positioning
  • Once you have paid your fixed costs, incremental revenue increases can be very profitable

Help Us Help You:

  • Can you supply financial statement for your business?
  • Can you show the cash is flowing? Good financial history shows us your ability to repay us , if you do not have solid financials, but have property you are willing to pledge, let’s see what we can do to help you.


Our General guideline

  • Interest rates are based on your credit. We are competitive
  • Maximum loan amount is 70% of the property value
  • Minimum loan amount USD30,000.00
  • Maximum loan term of 7 years
  • Other cost – payable by the borrower
    • Property valuation
    • Legal fee
    • Mortgage registration
    • Loan approval fee
    • Fire insurance (must be renewed annually)

Note: other terms and conditions must be applied.